Free Shipping Terms

At DK Classroom Outlet, we know that your budget is tight and you want to get the most out of your spending. Since we value your business and want to build a lasting relationship, we offer a free shipping discount on orders that qualify. This helps teachers stock up for their classroom needs at an affordable price, in hopes that you will come back to us often.


Orders placed on our website that total over $85 and shipped within the continental US (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) are eligible for a free shipping discount. If your order qualifies for the free shipping discount (see exclusions below), you will have an option to select free shipping at checkout. If free shipping is selected, we will pick the shipping method to be used based upon our own criteria, which includes overall price and service level. If you know that a certain shipping method cannot be used to deliver to your location (for example, some customers are unable to receive USPS packages, UPS packages, or other restrictions), you must select the appropriate shipping method for your location. Also, if you select free shipping, you must provide a physical address for delivery. If you have a PO box, you can include that in the shipping information, but since UPS cannot deliver to a PO box address, you must also include a physical address that can be serviced by UPS/FedEx etc.

In some cases, you may decide to return some of the items on your order that you didn't want. If the total value of the returned items (not due to damage or our error) reduces the original order amount below the free shipping threshold, we will withhold the original shipping cost from the refund we issue. We need to do this as we had a cost to ship the order out to you and we agreed to ship it for free based on the original value of the order. Now that the order value has been decreased, we can no longer cover the cost of shipping the entire order out to you at the reduced order amount. You may be surprised at how often someone will put together an order that is $.01 above the threshold to get free shipping, then request to return $40 worth of items. We may now have paid $20+ on shipping of a $40 order. Obviously, we wouldn't stay in business long. We appreciate your understanding.


While we do our best to make this offer available, certain items are excluded from the program. Generally, these will be products that have a high shipping cost relative to their price. Some examples of this may be Kindermats, Fadeless paper rolls, 25lb boxes of sand, large orders of paper, paint gallons, etc. If you are not receiving the free shipping discount, and your order is over the $85 threshold, check to see if your shopping cart contains these items or other items that may be heavy, large or bulky. You may need to remove these items from your cart to receive the shipping discount

Why Are There Restrictions?

The reality is that with our already discounted prices, the free shipping program basically cuts our profit on these orders down to almost nothing. In some cases, we actually lose money on these orders but we feel that this is an important program to support the needs of our teachers. We would rather build a long, lasting relationship with our customers than make a few extra bucks on a single order. But, we cannot simply lose money on every order. If you are not receiving the shipping discount, and the system is estimating a shipping charge for you, you should be able to see what the shipping cost is relative to the overall price of the order. Hopefully, you can understand why we cannot offer everything for free. In some cases, you may have a $85 order that costs over $30 to ship. If we were to give free shipping on this order, it would be a 38% discount, on top of our already discounted price, and we simply cannot afford to do that.

How Can I Tell Which Items Are Excluded

Currently, we don't have a good way on the website to indicate which items get excluded from the free shipping program. We apologize for the inconvenience that we know this causes. We are working on a good way to have an indicator that would allow you to see what is causing the exclusion and hope to have that available in the future.

Thank You!

Thank you for your continued support of DK Classroom Outlet. We are still a family-owned business and working diligently to expand our offerings, discounts, and capabilities to be a true partner to our teachers. If you have any feedback, requests, or comments, please feel free to Contact Us.