Significant USPS Delivery Delays: Suspension of USPS Shipping Methods

UPDATE 8/17/2020: The USPS shipping methods have been enabled on the site again. The orders appear to be moving much better now as it seems that the Post Office is redirecting some packages away from the Chicago distribution center.

Hello everyone! Well, if this year wasn't already crazy enough, we made the decision today to suspend all USPS shipment methods from our website temporarily.

In the recent weeks, we have been receiving an increasingly large number of complaints from customers regarding late delivery of their orders. We discovered that the USPS is having a problem with their regional sorting facilities in the Chicago area, and a number of our orders are taking up to 3-4 weeks to be delivered.

We have been working with our local, regional and national USPS representatives to try to resolve this issue, and have recently engaged both of our Senators and our Congressional Representative. Unfortunately, we continue to see delivery issues with certain products that we ship.

In general, any package we ship that is over 12" long on any one side is being delayed getting through the Chicago area sorting facilities. Since we are located about 40 miles west of Chicago, this is affecting all of our shipments from our main warehouse.

We understand that timing is critical in order to get your classrooms ready for school, so we have made the tough decision to suspend all USPS shipping methods until further notice. Unfortunately, this will greatly increase the costs of shipping orders. We are aware of this and did not make this decision lightly. It will also mean, of course, that we will lose a large amount of business/orders right in the middle of our busiest time of the year. We just did not want to disappoint our customers who are placing orders and expecting to receive their items quickly.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, and would like to take the opportunity again to thank all of our customers for your patience and loyalty. If you use the UPS shipping option during checkout, your order will be processed, shipped and delivered quickly.

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