Fresh New Classroom Decorating Ideas for Spring

Spring Classroom Decorating Ideas
Decorating a classroom for every season can become a little worrisome for teachers. As a teacher, you don’t want to fall into a rut with the same ideas from years gone by, nor do you want to be a decoration copycat. If the teacher is decorating on a budget, store bought and homemade items need to be laminated so they will be reusable.

Spring is a season that brings new life. Why not incorporate plants and flowers into your room. Blooming bulbs in a pot or even a see through garden box can become a decoration while being used as a teaching prop. For a bulletin board idea, make a garden using garden items such as seed packets, trowel, and creatively made wooden stakes along with twine. With a little green yarn and curling ribbon, shoots can grow up the stakes and twine. The phrases How does your garden grow? or What is in your garden? can finish off the board. For a character traits garden, make seed packets with a trait printed on them instead of store bought packets.

A cute door decoration for April would be April Showers... an umbrella with fluffy clouds and raindrops. Fold the raindrop paper into fourths and cut. Add student’s photos to the folded raindrops. In May, change the title to Bring May Flowers. Take the raindrops and open them to display the flowers.

Another door decoration could be a large flower with the students’ photo attached to the pedals and leaves. In the corner, a sun shining with clouds. A watering can labeled with the teacher’s name and showering her students with, have the can tilted as if pouring out water. The water droplets can have things like Patience, Love, Compassion, Kindness, Respect, and Wisdom.

A garden of flowers with butterflies and clouds with the phrase “Spring has sprung” would be simple enough to make any quick changes that a teacher feels necessary to finish out the year. For younger classes, having students create the flowers and butterflies would be a great way of showing off their talent.

Spring is not complete without a picnic. A picnic basket can be set below a bulletin board decorated with a red and white tablecloth. Students can decorate a plate that can be used to show off good works. Phrases such as Tasty Works and Tasty Essays will finish up the board.

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