Is It Too Early to Think About Back to School?

With this school year heading into the final stretch and wrapping up in the next few weeks, you may be thinking "It's too early to think about 'back to school'". Well, you may be wrong.

You child doesn't stop learning simply because it is Summer. In fact, the summer months provide many unique opportunities to teach your children about things that are impossible in other seasons. Summer is a time of outdoors, nature and natural beauty, and discovery/adventure. Children's minds need constant stimulation, and they will get it whether you are there to guide them or not.

We believe it is important to take the opportunity Summer offers and create a plan for your children's education to continue through the Summer. The good part, this is fun stuff! Not the boring classroom workbooks and tests, but outside, playing, exploring and learning!

Here are some examples of educational activities for the Summer that can be fun!

  • Teach your children about nature's creations with a selection of activities and items from Insect Lore. This manufacturer carries a variety of fun educational products including Butterfly Garden, Ladybug Land, and Lifecycle Puzzles
  • Stock up on great outdoor gear to keep their physical education on track.
  • Summer is a great time for learning about Astronomy. Children are fascinated by the stars in the sky and are eager to learn about them. Get Astronomy books, models and other cool items to take the opportunity to teach your children about our sky, planet and universe
  • Teach them about various animals, life stages and other natural wonders with a collection of animal study aids
  • Field trips are perfect for Summer. Zoos, petting zoos, farms, kite flying and many more amazing adventures are available. Check your local newspapers, park districts or search online for plenty of fun Summer activities for children.

Of course, there are many other things you can do to plan a fun, engaging Summer for your child. Don't forget socialization. Make sure your child is socializing with others at public events like kite flying, splash parks and pools, picnics and other activities.

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