Homeschooling? Have a Plan!

Homeschooling is all about planning. You need to have a good lesson plan to make sure your children are getting a robust education. Here are a few steps to help you create a good lesson plan for your homeschool children.
  1. Create a lesson... plan for each specific area of study you want to focus on.
  2. You should determine the overall goal/objective of the lesson plan first, then add curricula to the plan to meet the goal.
  3. You may want to start a lesson plan with a review of previous material covered to make sure your child is ready for the new material.
  4. Make sure to include activities, vocabulary, discussion and other appropriate materials in the overall plan.
  5. Make sure your lesson plans are well coordinated together. You want to minimize confusion for your child while switching subjects. Consider having similar activities in separate subjects to tie it all together. For example, you may have a crafts activity that ties together the lessons in science and math that the child is currently working on.

With a little work and effort, your lesson plan will ensure your child is getting a well-rounded education that is thoughtful, rewarding and fun!

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